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Do you write your own music but don’t have other instrumentalists to help bring your ideas to life? Perhaps you aspire to be the next Hans Zimmer or Thomas Newman and want to learn the tools of the film scoring trade. Whether you fancy yourself as a songwriter, producer or composer, The DAW Tutor can help.

Using the DAW software of your choice and a selection of virtual instruments, we will explore the world of MIDI – a powerful sequencing tool for music creation. MIDI allows you to record note information and play it back through pretty much any sound source imaginable using synthesizers or sample-based virtual instruments.

Today’s virtual instrument plugins offer a level of realism that would have been unimaginable 15 years ago. Virtual orchestras, synthesizers, drummers, guitarists and even vocalists can live inside your hard drive – the possibilities are almost endless! Get in touch to book your first session and start creating music using this cutting edge technology.

Why study with The DAW Tutor?

We offer tuition from an experienced industry professional who holds an MA with Distinction in Music Production. Our tutor has been a songwriter and performing musician for over 20 years and has taught private music production lessons for over a decade. He is passionate about music technology education and strongly believes that anyone should be able to access quality tuition, regardless of background, age or ability.

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