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Pro Tools

The industry standard for recording and mix engineers.

Pro Tools has been synonymous with music production since the mid-1990s. For a long time, if you wanted to get a job as an engineer in a recording studio, you needed to know how to use Pro Tools at an advanced level. This is still very true today, although other DAWs are starting to become just as prevalent within the industry.

If your dream is to record and mix bands for a living, learning Pro Tools with The DAW Tutor is the way to go.

What will I learn?

We will determine which aspects of your chosen software you are most interested in learning and create a personalised study plan for you to work through with your tutor over the course of your lessons. We aim to provide you with solid understanding of the principles of music production, which in turn will enable you to achieve professional sounding results with your DAW.

Why study with The DAW Tutor?

We offer tuition from an experienced industry professional who holds an MA with Distinction in Music Production. Our tutor has been a songwriter and performing musician for over 20 years and has taught private music production lessons for the last 8 years. He is passionate about music technology education and strongly believes that anyone should be able to access quality tuition, regardless of background, age or ability.

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