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Our lead tutor and founder of The DAW Tutor, Alex Markham is a Cubase veteran of over 25 years.

“I started on an ancient version back in school, on the old Apple iMac G3s with the coloured casing!”, says Alex. “I grew up in a world of home recording using cassette recorders and MiniDiscs, so Cubase always felt like a luxury. By the time I went to university, Cubase SX 3 had been released and virtual instruments were just starting to be widely used. It really is amazing how far the technology has progressed since then. Cubase is still the best DAW and nothing really touches it as far as working with MIDI is concerned.”

Alex was recognised as a Steinberg Certified Trainer in 2018 and proudly continues to spread the good word of Cubase through one-to-one lessons face-to-face and online. In his professional work as a producer, Cubase is his preferred DAW. Sign up with us today to learn from one of the foremost Cubase educators in the UK.