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Steinberg’s original DAW has superior MIDI capabilities and continues to break new ground with each update.

Cubase has been around longer than all of its competitors. With unrivalled MIDI functionality, a suite of high-end virtual instruments and effects plugins and the powerful MixConsole, it is still the most advanced and complete DAW on the market today.

The DAW Tutor is proud to offer one-to-one Cubase lessons with a Steinberg Certified Trainer. This means that our lessons are officially approved by Steinberg. You have the choice of taking bespoke lessons focussing on the areas that interest you most, or enrolling on one of our Steinberg Certified Cubase courses. These courses come with a free Cubase Elements or Artist license and an official Steinberg certificate when you complete your lessons. To find out more, please visit our Steinberg Certified Training section.

All students of The DAW Tutor are entitled to a free copy of Cubase LE. If you don’t currently own any music production software, this is your perfect opportunity to start learning!

If you write your own music and you’re new to the world of music production, Cubase is the ideal application to start learning. Studying Cubase with The DAW Tutor will help you develop the skills you need to become an advanced user.

What will I learn?

We will determine which aspects of your chosen software you are most interested in learning and create a personalised study plan for you to work through with your tutor over the course of your lessons. We aim to provide you with solid understanding of the principles of music production, which in turn will enable you to achieve professional sounding results with your DAW.

Why study with The DAW Tutor?

We offer tuition from an experienced industry professional who holds an MA with Distinction in Music Production. Our tutor has been a songwriter and performing musician for over 20 years and has taught private music production lessons for over a decade. He is passionate about music technology education and strongly believes that anyone should be able to access quality tuition, regardless of background, age or ability.

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